About Great Smile Dentures

We are a fully integrated team of dental healthcare service providers who are highly committed to your dental health and general well-being. Our team comprises of our concierge, dental surgery assistants, dental hygienist, dental surgeons and specialists who work together to provide you with an excellent level of care.

Your trip to our clinic will be painless and worth your visit. Best result is our assurance since we are equipped with modern facilities, apparatus of finest quality and the latest sterilization gadget of infection control.

At Great Smile Denture Clinic Inc., we are an "amalgam-free" practice. Amalgams not only have low esthetic value, they contain mercury and heavy metals, which are known to be toxic. Mercury has been purported to be detrimental to health. It also poses an environmental hazard in its disposal, affecting the ecosystem.

As such, here at Great Smile Denture Clinic Inc., we provide esthetic restorations, a well-being of health and smile, at the same time, doing our part to preserve the environment we live in.


We strive to be always customer-sensitive, cost-effective and outcome based. Our mission is to provide good and quality service at an affordable price without discrimination to the patients status. We are committed to providing you with the highest standard of personalized dental under the hands of a well trained professionals.


A place for every member of the family where convenience is always the priority. Our vision is to make our patient feel at home in all the corners of our clinic.

We look forward to serve you